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We're actually going to!

Apologies for the late notice. We made the decision Tuesday, and I just got definite confirmation today from my mom about use of the church.

We're meeting Thursday (tomorrow for those still up late, today for those who go to bed at decent hours) at 5:15 at St. Thomas.

I *think* we will have use of the Student Center, but I'm unsure if that is definite. In any case, we will have use of some meeting place at the church, even if it ends up being the Parish Hall.

We haven't danced in ages. Well, at least I haven't. If you're able to come, please be there! In addition to actually dancing, we should probably talk about a permanent meeting schedule for the rest of the semester.

No specific ending time is set for this meeting. We'll meet and we'll dance, and we can stay until our feet are ready to fall off as far as I'm concerned.

Be there if you can! Take care, and I hope to see you soon!

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