Natalie (lovelybeautiful) wrote in hburgirish,


I had SO MUCH FUN yesterday at my first Irish Dance class. My calves hurt just a wee bit, and that's GREAT to me!
I'm not a small person, and I've been trying to find a good exercise that I can do and be entertained doing, because just walking or doing the stairclimber or an aerobics class isn't cutting it.
Sitting at home, dancing along with the Zumba! DVD's just doesn't cut it, either. I'm all by myself and it's no fun!

Sooooooooooo.....Here I have found IRISH DANCING! Yay!

I am also hoping to maybe find a belly-dancing group or something equally as fun, so that at least during the summer I can keep myself occupied and exercising. It'll be harder once school starts back up, but I can do it!
If anyone knows of any other dance groups or anything similar that would be fun, let me know!
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